Celebrating research,
culture and collaboration
across campus and beyond

Event image from 'Expanded Intimacy' - an evening of culinary cocktail experimentation as part of Arts & Science Festival 2017. Image credit: Greg Milner Photography.


The University of Birmingham’s Arts & Science Festival is a week-long celebration of research, culture and collaboration across campus and beyond. Each year artists, academics and university partners deliver a programme of concerts, exhibitions, screenings, talks and workshops in response to a festival theme.

Arts & Science Festival is an opportunity for curious minds to delve into new thinking from leading academics. The festival overlooks the traditional division between arts and science; each discipline can inform the other, sparking debate and new understanding about the rich world in which we live.

Fuel your interests, exercise your curiosity, and navigate your way through the festival programme with verve!


“I really felt as if this festival was contributing something useful to the notion of breaking down the barriers between 'them and us' – between scientist and artist, academic and non-academic, the young and not so young, and creating a feeling that collaboration is beneficial for all involved.”
— Audience feedback

University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is home to a diverse cultural offer, which includes public museums, galleries, archives, libraries and cultural venues. Our cultural collections and venues deliver innovative and high quality research, teaching and public engagement. Together they present a diverse range of events and performances throughout the year.

Arts & Science Festival is conceived and developed by the Cultural Engagement team at the University of Birmingham.

Design is by An Endless Supply.


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