Image courtesy Greg Milner Photography

And the winner is…



Scale model for Mosswerk

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of the Arts & Science Sculpture Commission is Juneau Projects, with their proposed sculpture Mosswerk. 

About the sculpture:
Mosswerk is a wooden tower structure with a decorated exterior of laser-cut organic imagery representing the life cycle of moss. Exploring the artists’ long-standing concern with the relationship between technology, nature and people, the imagery will be developed through collaborative conversations and creative workshops enabling students, researchers, staff and the wider local community at University of Birmingham to directly influence the design of the sculpture.

The sculpture will have a hollow centre with an integral watering system and will be treated to encourage the growth of moss and other bryophytes. This group of moisture-loving plants will grow over time in response to the surrounding environment, and can be viewed through windows into the sculpture. The artists are particularly interested in these tiny, often overlooked plants, drawing attention to their distinctive forms and important ecological role as bioindicators for air pollution and extractors of harmful chemicals effectively slowing climate change. The growth of moss and small plants throughout the lifetime of the sculpture will not only encourage people to engage with nature but also encourage wildlife to interact with the work; returning the technological, hard-edged sculpture to a softer, more organic and natural state.

About Juneau Projects:
Juneau Projects are Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler, two artists based in Birmingham. They have worked together for nearly twenty years, developing a practice that looks at the possibilities of artistic production through collaboration and participation.

They enjoy the surprises that come from working with people to develop ideas, designs, objects and experiences. They are interested in the perceived relationships and boundaries between the natural world and human civilisation and how this has altered over time. In tandem with this Juneau Projects are fascinated by the evolution of technology and its role as a lens through which to view the world.

Creativity is a fundamental impulse for humankind, and sculpture, in its widest form, is central to this – tools, instruments, statues, clothes etc all display people’s evolving relationship with materials and space.” – Juneau Projects

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for their favourite sculpture proposal, and to all of our fantastic finalists: Andrew Gillespie, Intervention Architecture and Hipkiss and Graney.