Visualising Sound

Jack McNeill and Ulrich Heinen perform the compositions produced by participants in the preceding workshop, creating a sound tour of the Barber’s collection. Experience the paintings as you never have before.

The sound tour is open to all – you do not need to have participated in the workshop to attend.

Presented by the Barber Institute of Fine Arts

Earth and Oceans

The University’s newly renovated Lapworth Museum of Geology opens up its stores for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour focusing on earth and oceans.

Don’t miss your chance to see some of the unique items in the museum’s vast stores!

**Please note, the 12:00 – 13:00 tour is now fully booked but there are still spaces for the 13:00 – 14:00 tour.

Presented by the Lapworth Museum of Geology.

In Search of Water

This participatory indoor and outdoor walk, led by a guide, invites participants to wear Pointy Hat costumes on a walking journey in search of water on campus.

Costumes act as ‘portals of perception’ – bringing awareness to how we experience ourselves, others and the environment. How does a Pointy hat make you walk, talk, think and interact differently? How do others perceive you? Participants will be on the lookout for water at all times and when sighted, will gently ‘ring’ their Pointy Hat bells located at the top of their hats.

The walk ends with a short discussion on how the hat affected our experiences and perceptions, as well as the need for water.

This walk will start from the centre of campus at 12:00. Meet at Aston Webb Reception (R6 on the campus map) and please arrive 5 minutes early.

Presented by Sally E. Dean in partnership with Arts & Science Festival

Lapworth Museum Tour

Join museum staff and explore 4.5 billion years of earth history in the Lapworth Museum of Geology – Art Fund Museum of the Year finalist.

Explore behind the scenes in the Museum’s vast stores, which hold over 250,000 items of outstanding quality; from Dinosaurs to Diamonds there’s something for everyone!

Presented by the Lapworth Museum of Geology.

Black Country Lungs: Guided Tour


Black Country Lungs is a unique collaboration between Multistory, Dutch photographer Corinne Noordenbos, and people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Join photographer Corinne Noordenbos and a Black Country Lungs project participant for a guided walking tour and introduction to the exhibition.

Presented by Multistory in partnership with Research & Cultural Collections.

It Came From Outer Space!

Boldly go where (almost) nobody has gone before – behind the scenes at the Lapworth Museum of Geology.

We’re inviting you to a theatrical guided tour which lifts the lid on some of Lapworth’s most prized specimens. Step through to a rarely glimpsed space, lined with magical moving shelves, all packed with marvels from deep underground plus some stunning extra-terrestrial treasures.

If we dig even further beneath the surface, what secrets might we uncover — not just about the objects on display — but also about the mysterious tour guide…?

This event coincides with Lapworth’s Family Fun Day and forms part of the Museum’s year-round programme of entertaining, inspiring and educational family activities.

Presented by Little Earthquake in partnership with the Lapworth Museum of Geology and Arts & Science Festival.

Access: There is level, but restricted access on this tour. If you have any access requirements please let us know in advance by contacting us at 


50 years after the Apollo 11 Moon landing, Little Earthquake is joining forces with Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) and the University of Birmingham to celebrate this special anniversary in spectacular style.

Running 16 – 24 July, MoonFest begins on the same day that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins launched into space 50 years ago, and concludes on the day they splashed down into the Pacific Ocean at the end of their fantastic voyage.

For nine special days expect a programme bursting with events and activities created with artists, academics and audience members.

For full details of the MoonFest programme, visit

Sound Sculpture Trail – Guided Tour


Sound artists, Emma Margetson and Nikki Sheth, combine field recordings with processed sounds to create distinctive soundscapes for sculptures across the University of Birmingham campus. Join Emma and Nikki as they lead a guided walk through their sound sculpture trail across campus.

To take part, you’ll need a smartphone or MP3 player and headphones. You can stream or download the sculpted sounds or download the SOUNDwalker app from the App Store.

Presented by the Department of Music and Research and Cultural Collections.


Celebrating health and wellbeing in the Green Heart, UB Sport & Fitness and Research and Cultural Collections present a sculpture tour with a difference.

Nurture body and mind in this sculptural exercise programme, which responds directly to the shapes and forms of a selection of sculptures in the Campus Art Collection. Don’t forget your trainers!

Presented by Research and Cultural Collections and UB Sport & Fitness

Celebrate Sculpture


The University of Birmingham is home to many sculptures which are on display across campus for the enjoyment of all. The Campus Art Collection includes sculptures by acclaimed artists such as Eduardo Paolozzi and Jacob Epstein. You will be introduced to artworks which are celebratory in nature and which make the campus a beautiful space to learn, work and relax in.

Presented by Research and Cultural Collections

Behind the Scenes Tour of Cadbury Research Library

Want to find out what a Special Collections department does? Interested in visiting to view some of our 4 million archive manuscripts or 200,000 rare books?

Find out more on this Arts & Science Festival themed lunchtime guided tour, exploring parts of the Library and Archive not normally open to visitors.

Presented by Cadbury Research Library.

Illuminating Sculptures

Discover the Sculpture Collection after hours in this illuminating sculpture tour.

With a torch in hand, we’ll throw light on some of our favourite pieces and highlight sculptures by eminent artists, which make the campus an inspiring place to enjoy (both day and night!)

Presented by Research & Cultural Collections