2017 Screenings

Drowning by Numbers

Still image from Drowning by Numbers (1988). Image courtesy Contemporary Films, London.


Tuesday, 14 March 2017


21:30 - 23:30


The Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen, Custard Factory, Gibb St, Birmingham, B9 4AA


£7/ £5 concession


[dir. Peter Greenaway, 1988, 111 mins]

 The curious tale of three women of the same name, whose solidarity for one another brings about three copy-cat drownings. Their husbands are the victims and the motive is dissatisfaction. The women are confident that their crimes will not be punished because they have in hopeless tow a coroner who is in love with them. Or so they think he is.

The coroner and his eccentric young son are game-players, persuading everyone – friends, enemies, sheep, dogs and bees – to join them in their metaphorical games, treating sex and death – most especially death – as an elaborate game until they are finally outmanoeuvred by the women who resolve their difficulties in an amoral ending that suggests indeed that a Conspiracy of Women is unbeatable.

Presented by Arts & Science Festival in partnership with Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen