Girls Can Be Astronauts Too!


Sunday, 21 July 2019


14.00 - 15.00


Lapworth Museum of Geology (R4 on campus map)


Free, booking recommended

Lucy always dreamed of being an astronaut. As a child she spent weekends in her back garden making rocket ships and wondering about what’s ‘up there’. Now she’s all grown up, she invites you to explore what life might be like beyond the clouds. In Lucy’s world, there are no girl- or boy-only jobs: everyone is allowed to dream big and be exactly who they want to be.

In this interactive performance workshop with Hannah Graham, expect Moon-tastic movement, magical play and out-of-this-world music. Come wearing your best space-inspired clothes and comfortable shoes.

*This event is suitable for children ages 5-8 years.

Presented by Hannah Graham in association with Little Earthquake and in partnership with the Lapworth Museum of Geology and Arts & Science Festival.


50 years after the Apollo 11 Moon landing, Little Earthquake is joining forces with Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) and the University of Birmingham to celebrate this special anniversary in spectacular style.

Running 16 – 24 July, MoonFest begins on the same day that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins launched into space 50 years ago, and concludes on the day they splashed down into the Pacific Ocean at the end of their fantastic voyage.

For nine special days expect a programme bursting with events and activities created with artists, academics and audience members.

For full details of the MoonFest programme, visit