2018 Screenings

Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Image credit: Greg Milner Photography


Thursday, 15 March 2018


20.30 - 22.30


The Electric Cinema, 47-49 Station St, Birmingham B5 4DY


Tickets £10.50/ £7.50 conc, booking recommended.


[dir: Andy Sidaris | 1987 | 100m]

Presenting ill-prepared commentary to terrible films, Trash Film Night is part of the year-round programme at The Electric Cinema.

A film that appears on many a ‘worst movie’ list due to its over-the-top violence, cheesy dialogue, unintentional humour, and overall ridiculousness, Hard Ticket to Hawaii follows two undercover federal agents as they battle both drug smugglers and a contaminated giant python. For Arts & Science Festival, hosts Luke and David will provide live commentary, poking fun, pointing out absurdities and asking the very important question, ‘Why on earth did no one stop these people?!’ 

Please note: this screening features LIVE COMMENTARY. If you want to watch Hard Ticket to Hawaii in respectful silence, then you’re in the wrong place!

Presented by The Electric Cinema in partnership with Arts & Science Festival.