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In Search of Water

Video still from You’re Not Supposed to Be Here 2, filmed and edited by Sergio M. Villar, directed by Sally E. Dean.


Tuesday, 14 March 2017


12:00 – 13:00


Meet at Aston Webb Reception (R6 on campus map)


Free, booking essential.

This participatory indoor and outdoor walk, led by a guide, invites participants to wear Pointy Hat costumes on a walking journey in search of water on campus.

Costumes act as ‘portals of perception’ – bringing awareness to how we experience ourselves, others and the environment. How does a Pointy hat make you walk, talk, think and interact differently? How do others perceive you? Participants will be on the lookout for water at all times and when sighted, will gently ‘ring’ their Pointy Hat bells located at the top of their hats.

The walk ends with a short discussion on how the hat affected our experiences and perceptions, as well as the need for water.

This walk will start from the centre of campus at 12:00. Meet at Aston Webb Reception (R6 on the campus map) and please arrive 5 minutes early.

Presented by Sally E. Dean in partnership with Arts & Science Festival