2015 Workshops

Making Sense of it all


Thursday, 19 March 2015




Nuffield, G17



Our sense of vision is designed to allow us to access a wealth of information – from the text on this page to the stars in the sky. It has significance in informing us about daily events allowing us to make links with previous visual experiences and as such it is often referred to as an integrating sense – or a sense that helps us make sense of it all!

What though of people who have reduced information through their sense of vision – how might they draw on their other senses to help them ‘make sense of it all?’  In this highly interactive workshop we will explore the role of vision in our learning and development and consider how other senses provide us with information about the world when our vision is impaired.

This includes opportunities for participants to: explore the role of our senses in providing information about the world in the absence of consistent visual information; examine recent technologies that have been designed to reduce barriers to learning and participation for people with visual impairment (including an opportunity to use Google Glass); find out about strategies that can be drawn upon to promote inclusive practice.

Presented by the School of Education and the School of Computer Science