2016 Performances

Memories of a Child Pageant Superstar


Friday, 18 March 2016


18.30 - 19.30


St Francis Hall, Main Worship Space



Memories of a Child Pageant Superstar brings together a series of plays written for Arts & Science Festival that explore childhood memories.

Featuring four monologues, the plays centre upon the industry of child beauty pageants, a growing and controversial industry said to be worth millions. What is the appeal of these curious and divisive events? Are they a symptom of a society that puts too much focus on physical appearance and celebrity? Are they the result of pushy parents and spoilt pre-teen divas? Or could there something more sinister about this growing trend?

Join four individuals as they reflect on incidents which have changed their lives forever. They look at memories and the re-writing of memories after traumatic events and in the process explores themes of gender, sexuality, parenting and childhood, to ask: ‘can you really trust your own memories?’

Presented by MRes Playwriting Studies in collaboration with MRes Directing.