2015 Workshops



Wednesday, 18 March 2015




Venue TBC



Explore drawing in a new way. Join artist Saranjit Birdi and have a go at drawing a human eye – with your foot!

Experience what it is like to learn how to coordinate visual and motor movements – a challenge toddlers and many stroke and trauma survivors face. Using foot-drawing, the artist has been collaborating with Dr Pia Rotsthtein, School of Psychology, and conducting workshops with stroke survivors designed to help them to regain control over their bodies. Drawings by the group’s participants will be on display at the event.

Saranjit Birdi, who is also a dancer, has successfully trained different body parts including his feet to draw accurately. He will also be drawing at the event as well as be seen executing drawings of the University buildings during the Arts & Science festival week. www.axisweb.org/p/saranjitbirdi/

Presented by Saranjit Birdi and the School of Psychology