2018 Walks

Quantum Technology SOUNDwalk

Quantum mechanics, particle with wave attribution, computer generated abstract fractal background

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Monday, 12 March 2018


12.30 - 14.00


Walks start from the Old Joe Clock Tower, Chancellor's Court, University of Birmingham.


Free, booking recommended.

Are you sick of getting stuck in traffic jams? Do you know how important time is for national and local security? Are you an avid user of your mobile phone? Do you want to see an advance in the early detection of illnesses, such as dementia?

Behind the services and devices we use, and the activities that fill our daily lives, is the use of Quantum Technology. Quantum theory is the science of the very small, but, in spite of its importance for everyday existence, it can be very counterintuitive to our experience of everyday life.

We invite you to take an audio tour of the University of Birmingham and uncover the secret sounds of Quantum Technology. As you walk around our campus, your tour guide will point out familiar sights and use sound to explain the science that usually goes unnoticed in our everyday lives.

To take part, you’ll need a smartphone or MP3 player and headphones.

Presented by School of Physics and Astronomy in partnership with BEAST.