2015 Screenings

The Creeping Garden


Saturday, 21 March 2015




Electric Cinema, B5 4DY



Once considered part of the fungi family, the slime mould’s multi-coloured diversity and its ability to move towards food sources both capture the imagination and provoke debate. The Creeping Garden gathers a number of devotees including amateur mycologist Mark Pragnell and artist Heather Barnett (who cheerfully admits to taking slime moulds on holiday with her), underscoring their passion with gorgeous timelapse photography and music by Jim O’Rourke. A delightfully unexpected documentary.

Directors Jasper Sharp and Tim Grabham will take part in a discussion after the film along with artist Heather Barnett.

Presented by Flatpack Film Festival with support from University of Birmingham as part of a full day of fun and experiments with Slime Moulds on Saturday 21 March. For more information visit