2016 Performances

The Good Sisters


Thursday, 17 March to Saturday, 19 March 2016




George Cadbury Hall



When Germaine wins a million Green Shield stamps, she goes giddy with plans to cash them in and transform her tatty flat into the poshest pad in the block. She can’t do anything until the stamps are stuck into their books — so she gets the girls round for a “lick ‘n’ stick party”.

These feisty and formidable women would do anything for a share of the jackpot to help them escape the drudgery of their daily lives. A single stamp is pilfered and soon, whole books are being stuffed into handbags and hidden inside hair-dos. As resentment bubbles up and tempers flare, the night turns into a rowdy and raucous disaster, with cat-fights across the kitchen table and dark secrets coming to light.