Two Women

Image courtesy DYSPLA


Friday, 19 July 2019


13.00 - 14.00


Staff House Plaza (outside Wok Fresh and Costa)


Free, no booking required

The 2018 National LGBT Survey revealed that 68% of Britain’s gay community avoided holding hands with a partner in public for fear of a negative reaction from others. Two Women is a VR experience set on a bus which, in the flash of a daydream, explores how barriers in society block the intuitive desire to connect with another human being.

DYSPLA are award-winning neurodivergent artists exploring the neurodivergent aesthetic. Winners of ‘Best Artist Film’ at the Aesthetica Film Festival 2018, DYSPLA are now in the post production phase of their first VR film to be screened at the ‘BAME & BEYOND’ event in London.

Presented by DYSPLA and Festival of Audacity in partnership with Arts & Science Festival.