Arts & Science Festival 2017

Arts & Science Festival 2017 traversed land and water and brought together academics, artists and adventurers for a week-long celebration of research, culture and collaboration.

Festival talks navigated diverse terrains from climate change to immigration, seaweeds to tree rings, the cinema of science to the colour blue. An imaginative programme of workshops encouraged visitors to dive in and try pastures new: from and artist-led walk in search of water, to time travel with the University’s impressive map collection.

A vibrant exhibitions programme explored the festival theme from above and below water: Ikon Gallery presented the first solo exhibition of work by French biologist and cinematic pioneer Jean Painleve, and Birmingham Open Media hosted In Future Forests, an exhibition exploring the creative possibilities of mapping nature into music.

Art and science also converged in a raft of collaborative events: Music Makes Waves examined the social and neurological impacts of music; artists Kaye Winwood and Nuala Clooney presented an evening of culinary cocktail experimentation following a residency with the University’s award-winning glass blower; and artist-technician Sophie Huckfield invited audiences to hand-make objects using engineering waste.

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