Anti-Scrape, The New Art Gallery Walsall, 2017 (credit John Fallon)

Meet the Artists: Andrew Gillespie



Image courtesy Greg Milner Photography

About Andrew:

Andrew Gillespie lives and works in Birmingham.

As a contemporary sculptor, Andrew’s work explores surfaces, appropriation and the urban environment. He is interested in the collision of surfaces, structures and materials. He regularly translates familiar imagery and objects through printmaking and casting, exploiting the shift in status and content that occurs with each gesture.

Working as Recent Activity, Andrew curates a programme of exhibitions and events, bringing new artists to Birmingham and activating new audiences.

Sculpture Proposal: 

Working with the University’s collections, Andrew will re-make and re-contextualise an “awkward” object – something that might have been concealed, overlooked or hard to exhibit.

His sculpture will draw attention to the University’s extensive pacemaker collection, which includes the first variable pacemaker developed by Leon Abrams and Ray Lightwood at the University of Birmingham.

Andrew’s proposal highlights the relationship between artistic and scientific design; the pacemaker is streamlined, simple and abstract in appearance, much like contemporary sculpture. He is also interested in the idea that art can be like pacemaker, working on demand, activated when needed and a force for keeping us alive.

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Arts & Science Festival:

Join Andrew on Sunday 9th June for an artist talk all about his sculpture proposal